Patchwork Mystery CAL week 9

Hey again everyone!! Wow! Week 9 already!!

This week is going to be AMAZING!!! I had my square already at week 6 and it was sooo fun but this week is extra special to me! It is the only week where 2 designers worked to create a square TOGETHER! how cool is that!?
so as you may have figured, I am one of the designers but the other is the lovely Marianne Hamil over at Sunset Knots. It was so wonderful to work with such a talented designer and it has been fun bouncing ideas back and forth.

Marianne made the middle section of the square and when she sent it to me to work off of I felt some very strong garden/floral vibes so just took that and ran with it!
This square is called Belle’s Enchanted Garden Square. Marianne said that the flowers near the edge reminded her of the roses in Beauty and the Beast, I would have to agree.
For me the design process was so amazing. Usually for me the hardest part is getting started and Marianne did that part. She designed a wonderful base for the middle and the rest just sort of flowed.

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Links for Ravelry downloads can be found
Tangerine Door Creations
Sunset Knots

and the lovely Sammi has done a video for us!!!

Without further delay….

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Patchwork Mystery CAL #2

Here we are, week 2!

So exciting to see all the squares as people get things completed! Thank you for joining us in another EXCITING week!

If you missed week 1— Check out this link!

This week we have a beautiful corner cabled square by Jessica Beres over at CrochetAnything!

Your week 2 link is here….

Cornered Cable Square – Patchwork Mystery Crochet Along Week 2

I will admit cables can be intimidating. but it is usually our own fault. We make them harder than they need to be by overthinking things.

My tips would be to take it slowly and follow each step to the letter. And don’t give up!

It gets easier I promise!! Don’t forget to have fun as you go along!

If you struggle with cable stitches or you have a hard time with written patterns I suggest you check out the wonderful Sammi with her YouTube video… it will help I promise!

Thanks so much for hanging out with us and I can’t wait to see all your beautiful squares!



Patchwork Mystery CAL

People.. PEOPLE!! this is gonna be AMAZING!!

what is better than a group of amazing women designing squares and making a blanket together?! NOTHING, that’s what!

I am so thankful that I am a part of this group of talented, amazing designers. It is humbling really!

INFO: every week for 12 weeks we will be release one pattern by one designer. it will appear on their blog and be linked in the Facebook CAL page… come join to stay up with all the info! don’t wanna miss a week!
it is at your own pace and we have 1 square a week, we know you have lives… no need for 800 squares!

now onto the info you need…

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A little mug rug

I am a big fan of coffee… like HUGE!

anyone who knows me knows that it is the way to my heart. I have often wondered how people who don’t drink coffee fill their mornings? is it all herbal tea or water? Do they stick to juice?!

who knows! not me! I am 100% coffee and will be forever!

And as much as I love coffee I love MUGS!

LIKE REALLY LOVE THEM! I have mugs for all occasions and moods. I even have a special mug rack that my hubby made me since my tiny 1970’s kitchen has no room for my quirky mug collection.

I always, and I mean ALWAYS have a warm (even if it was reheated 3 times before I drank it all) mug of coffee with me when I am at home. it brings me joy.


hot coffee? – check

awesome mug? – check

somewhere to put it without leaving a nasty ring on my table? NOPE!

this tutorial is all about the MUG RUG!!

the perfect little safe place to park your pretty little mug full of glorious hot coffee!



  • 5.5mm crochet hook
  • Acrylic or cotton yarn
  • scissors
  • needle

We will be using the moss stitch for this little mug rug. It is a simple and dense stitch but also lays nice and flat.

Moss Stitch consists of single crochet and a chain 1. super simple to complete and looks fabulous with any yarn!

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…it’s been awhile…

So… it has been a long while since my last post. Not that I don’t have things to say or things to create, I just wasn’t feeling the whole blog thing.

Don’t get me wrong… I wanted to! I just couldn’t….

Sometimes life gets busy… or more like things get in the way of the person I want to be about 99% of the time. I am trying to get back on track with the help of a few other lovely crafters who have helped to motivate me in the right direction!

PREPARE FOR CROCHET OVERLOAD! (can that even happen?!)

anyways we are going to start slowly back into the swing of things with a few small projects to get us going!

Today we start with super soft and squishy SCRUNCHIES!!!

oh how I love these!! so perfect for lazy hair days to help feel at least a bit put together or FABULOUS on a low bun… keeps it easy and fast because I know I don’t have time for difficult!!

the new Bernat velvet yarns are so soft and come in so many amazing colors!

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Everyday Market Bag


Everyday Market Bag

As a mom I wear many different hats… MANY, MANY hats!!

To list a few, chef, referee, maid, laundry lady, pack horse….

My least favorite job some days is that last one…. pack horse!! Like yes please I would LOVE to carry your book, water bottle and left over snack… with my bare hands….X3 KIDS!!

Don’t get me wrong I love my children and all their treasures but some days I just don’t have enough hands!

The amount of stuff can be very overwhelming! So Introducing the Everyday Market Bag. Perfect to fold up and toss in purse for emergency “pack horse” moments or cruisin’ the summer markets.  Continue reading “Everyday Market Bag”

Face Scrubbers

Cotton is so amazing to work with!

I love it!! The list of things I want to make far out weighs the time I have to create! Anyone else have a love for cotton yarn? It is so durable and easy to use not to mention ALL THE COLORS!! I find the cotton colors to be so fun lately!

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Crochet Banner

This is the CUTEST little thing!!


And it is sooooo versatile. You can put your initials on it or you can put a funny quote… really if you can think it you can make it!

I was recently out shopping in my little town and there was a felt initial banner in the store, it was super cute and I swear they had all letters but the K that I needed!

–It feels like the story of my life… (enter pity party now!)

Remember growing up all the cutesy little magnets, keychains and pencils with your names on them??? HOW FUN!! Right?! unless it is 1980 something and your name is Desiree…. less fun for sure! So no letter K was a little flash back! Continue reading “Crochet Banner”